1. Kakinos says:
    Define synchronized. synchronized synonyms, synchronized pronunciation, synchronized translation, English dictionary definition of synchronized. v. syn·chro·nized, syn·chro·niz·ing, syn·chro·niz·es v. tr. 1.
  2. Vull says:
    Synchronize definition, to cause to indicate the same time, as one timepiece with another: Synchronize your watches. See more.
  3. Kajitilar says:
    Synchronize definition is - to happen at the same time. How to use synchronize in a sentence.
  4. Baramar says:
    Another word for synchronized. Find more ways to say synchronized, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
  5. Sale says:
    syn·chro·nize (sĭng′krə-nīz′, sĭn′-) v. syn·chro·nized, syn·chro·niz·ing, syn·chro·niz·es 1. a. To cause to occur or operate with exact coincidence in time or rate: The military units synchronized their operations. We synchronized our watches. b. To cause to occur or operate at the same time as something else: They synchronized.
  6. Voodoor says:
    Synchronized methods enable a simple strategy for preventing thread interference and memory consistency errors: if an object is visible to more than one thread, all reads or writes to that object's variables are done through synchronized methods. (An important exception: final fields, which cannot be modified after the object is constructed, can be safely read through non-synchronized methods.
  7. Kazisida says:
    May 14,  · Synchronized blocks in Java are marked with the synchronized keyword. A synchronized block in Java is synchronized on some object. All synchronized blocks synchronized on the same object can only have one thread executing inside them at a time. All other threads attempting to enter the synchronized block are blocked until the thread inside the /5.
  8. Fejar says:
    synchronize definition: 1. to (cause to) happen at the same time: 2. When people synchronize their watches, they make sure. Learn more.
  9. Akir says:
    Synchronized is superbly produced as is the vast majority of the FM catalogue and though the sounds of the 80s are on full display here, this album also sounds quite contemporary and very much relevant. The players are fantastic and pretty much at virtuoso level and Steve "The Voice" Overland, could easily stand on the same stage as Lou Gramm /5(54).

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